(adj.) no longer existing, living, or working correctly



(epic) here to keep classic vehicles existing, living, and working correctly, and then some


By mastering the art of 3D printing we are able to make new parts to repair, restore or upgrade all manner of automotive legends. With our fancy machines, mad design skills and premium materials, we’re creating customisable niche products that can withstand life on the road.

Oh, and by we, we mean I. Or by we, I mean I? Or perhaps I mean I by we? Anyway, yeah it’s just me. I got into 3D printing in 2014 after breaking my arm mountain biking, which prevented me working on my rally car to reattach that damn sump guard (again). Boredom led quickly down the rabbit hole of idle online shopping and suddenly I owned a 3D printer. I designed some brake ducts, threw them on eBay and they’ve been selling ever since.

In 2016 my better half and I bought a Vanagon to complete our plan to drive from Canada to the bottom of South America. This included some tweaking and naturally this involved some serious 3D printing. Having returned home from this adventure, van intact, I realised that the office cubicle life of a typical engineer is worse than eternity in the company of Beelzebub, and so here I am, doing something much better!

So now it’s 2020 and I’m here to offer parts I’ve designed for sale, and to work with you to design new parts that fit your specific needs. Whatever the application, model, country, just let me know what you need and let’s work together to keep things from becoming defunct, by instead going defunk3D.